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Let's talk what is chia and Breathtaking wholemeal bread with dried tomatoes

The discussion of the ''new'' superfood chia is more and more topical. I'd say it's a little bit funny, because like quinoa, they are known for ages.

      Do you know that chia seeds used to be more valuable than the gold?
And that's what grab my attention and makes me thirsty for more information for these little black seeds from Mexico.
      Known since ancient of the Incas and Mayans and it has been used as a medicine. There are some interesting details about their benefits. Do you know some of them?
      If you don't, you probably want to learn something new! I'll tell you that they are full of vitamins, antioxidants (about 3 times more than the red blueberry), fiber and a lot more. Chia seed normalized blood sugar. There are calcium, iron, boron In their composition, which dislodge harmful toxins from the body and keeps the body hydrated.

     Probably some of you know well that chia can be used in the kitchen too. Their taste is more like nuts and gives density to the dish.

     Do you know what will happen if you add 1 tbsp chia into a glass of water and leave it for about an hour? - You'll see something which I'd mostly describe as disgusting  mixture, because it looks like a chemical substance But it'll be some kind of a melted jelly. And still yes! They can be added to smoothies for density. Chia seeds can absorb More than 12 times of  their weight and this is actually what's making the magic with hydration.That's a Huge amount of liquid, don't you think?

Did I grab your interest now?
Feeling more comfortable with chia seeds, now we can prepare something good for the health. I've chose Wholemeal bread with dry tomatoes and chia seeds

What you should have in hand before making this great bread?


  • 0.77 lb wholemeal flour;
  • 0.11 lb spelled flour;
  • 1/2 tea cup chopped dried tomatoes;
  • 4-5 tsp chia seeds;
  • 1 dry yeast;
  • 1 tea cup almond milk;
  • 1.5 tea cup water on room temperature;
  • 1 tsp sugar;
  • 1 tsp salt;
  • 3 tbsp olive oil;
  • raw pumpkin seeds;

      Pour the water and the milk into a bowl and warm it a little. Pour the yeast into this liquid and let it to rise.
Take another deep bowl and pour the yeast mixture, add the olive oil, the sugar and the salt and stirring with a fork, slowly begin to pour the flours. Right after that add the tomatoes and the chia seeds. When it gets difficult to stir, use your hands and knead hard and sticky dough.

      Grease the baking tin with butter and sprinkle the pumpkin seeds to stick. Pour the dough and leave it to rise for 50 min. /Tip: Usually I heat the oven to 60C degrees, turn if off and leave the dough inside to rise./
Bake into preheated oven to 200C degrees until ''dry stick''.
      Once the bread is ready, leave it to cool onto metal grille.

Bon appetite and until the next time! :)

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