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''How are you?'' and An extraordinary Eclair cake with blueberries

After a few days out of the city, I finally got to my laptop and can't wait to share with you the delicious cake that i made for a birthday!

It was a long trip, but at least it was definitely worth it! Last few months I was on a emotional roller coaster and to be honest with you, I was very happy that I got a time to think for myself and for ''hot'' issues that I have. And finally to think for some kind of solution plan.
I'm sure that those of you who at some point in your life were on a crossroad, know very well how helpful is to stay for awhile alone and just to clarify to yourself what is going on. To find your inner peace.
Know you understand what I talk about, right?

You'll agree that this is the magic key to the inner peace. No matter if it the question comes down to professional side, personal one or to your family and friends relationships. In this very first moment when you really get away from those nightmare surroundings, your problems become more smaller and a million new rational ''get-outs'' pops up in your mind.
Yes, you should stay alone sometimes.

This, though short trip meet me with one certain type valuable people. And most of the people would be happy with them around. Positive attitude, asking ''Where is your smile'' and really want to know the answer, the real one! After that they will give you advice from the heart, wanting to help you. They'll be honest with you , they will stand out from the crowd for you.
Can you imagine?!

Such a nice conversation, happening in the nature, where you hear only the song of the birds, a dog barking in a distance, gentle breeze, and feel the smell of a cut grass. Yes, you can envy me right now! :)
And you can tell that those heart people aren't common. I'm sure that you can think of someone who asked you ''How are you'' just because he has to, not because he care. Your mechanical answer is ''Fine, thanks'' and that's all. Despite that I don't think that such untrue question deserves an thanks, but after that I remember that the answer is as real as the question.

But enough with my thoughts. Let's talk for the gorgeous cake with eclairs!
Here are the ingredients that you'll need:
For the cake /I used the recipe for the Black cake/

  • 1.32 lb yogurt;
  • 3 tsp baking soda;
  • 1.5 cup sugar;
  • 1 cup olive oil /melted butter/;
  • 6 tbsp unsweetened cocoa;
  • 3 vanilla;
  • a few drops of rum;
  • 3,2 cups flour;

For creme mousseline:

  • 250ml. whole milk;
  • 1 full tsp instant coffee;
  • 2 yolks;
  • 0.13 lb sugar;
  • 0.4 lb cornstarch;
  • 0.27 lb soft butter;

For the filling:

  • 0.33 lb blueberries;
  • 0.66 lb strawberries;
  • 15 pieces eclairs;

For the syrup:

  • 1 cup hot water;
  • 1/2 cup sugar;
  • 1 tbsp instant coffee;

For the chocolate glaze:

  • 0.66 lb dark chocolate;
  • 50 ml. olive oil;

For decoration:

  • Handful strawberries;
  • Handful blueberries;

For the cake: Pour the baking soda into the yogurt and wait a minute. After that add it to the others ingredients and mix until homogeneous mixture.
Pour the mixture into the baking pan, covered with baking paper /I used 2 types. Round baking pan for the upper and lower crust and a rectangular pan for the board/. Bake into preheated oven on 200C degrees.

Creme mousseline is extremely delicious, ideally matching the sweet cream from the eclairs. Even the most pretentious gourmand is thrilled once he take a bite.
To prepare the cream, pour the milk into casserole with half of the sugar and the instant coffee and put the casserole on the stove until the milk starts steaming.
In a separate bowl, beat the yolks with the other half of the sugar until doubled in volume.
After that pour the flour and the cornstarch and beat until soft mixture. Trickle 1/3th of the milk to the yolks mixture to temperate them and beat for a while.
Return the yolks to the milk on the stove and stir with wire whisk until it boil.
Right after that pour the cream into a metal bowl and cover tightly with transparent kitchen foil. Leave it to cool to room temperature. Not refrigerator!

Once it cools, beat the cream with the soft milk for 7-8 minutes and voila! You're done with the magical cream :) Store it in refrigerator.

To make the syrup boil the water with the instant coffee and the sugar and leave it to cool.
The chocolate glaze should be prepared when the cake has already a few hours in the fridge.

Assembling the cake is easy.
Put the bottom layer into a cake shape and syrup with 1/3 of the liquid, spread with half of the cream and the blueberries. Place carefully the cake board and right after that place tightly the eclairs. Spread the other half of the cream mousseline and the cut strawberries on top of it.
Set the top cake layer and syrup with the other 1/3th of the liquid.
Gently pour the last 1/3th of the syrup to the board and put the cake into the fridge for a few hours.

Right before taking out the cake, prepare the chocolate glaze.
You can do this by melting chocolate in a water bath and add oil. Do not let the water to boil!
Gently spill the glaze over the cake /remove the baking ring before that/ and leave it to cool.

Decorate per imagination.
Bone appetite and until next time!

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