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Peanut butter sandwich

As probably most of you have been heard of peanut butter and some of you just bypassed by the shelf with this product in the store. It has a number of advantages and nutrients for the health.

You can guess that peanut butter is made from ... peanuts :) they are baked and pressed to butter texture. There is about 40-50% proteins and less than 20% carbohydrates In a standard jar of peanut butter.
Peanuts are rich source of vitamins /E, A, D/ and despite the high amount of calories, it is appropriately for vegetarians and people, who avoid meat consumption. There is a calcium, tsing, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, minerals and antioxidants in the peanut butter.

The advantages of the peanut butter:
- it can be used as substitute of animal products;
- it contains vitamin B3, which helps for the good look of the skin, hair and nails;
- helps for the proper function of the digestive system;
- decreases the risk of sickness of the cardiovascular system;
- can be used as natural antibiotic;
- slows aging;
-  strengthens blood vessels;
- decreases cholesterol;

And as each product, this one has its disadvantages:
- some people who are allergic to peanuts should not consume peanut butter in any occasions;
- if it is kept incorrectly, it can create harmful toxins for the body;
- high In fat and calories;

The storage of the peanut butter is very important and it should not be neglect. As also the well known butters, this one should be kept cool and dry. It should be not exposed to sunlight and some types of peanut butter should not be heat processed.

There are a few types of peanut butter:
- finely ground - which looks like melted cheese;
- wholemeal peanut butter  - with some pieces of peanuts inside;
- raw peanut butter - this one is not refined  and it is not completely raw. Most of the useful nutrients are been preserved.
- Refined peanut butter - this one is probably the well known and there are less nutrients, but it can be stored more easily.

 As more of you know peanut butter can be used in the culinary. It can be smeared onto a  slice of bread /better to be wholemeal/ or it can be added in some recipes as creams, cookies... I've heard that somewhere it is added to the mashed potatoes.
I personally prefer it on toast with a few slices of banana or to be added to my oatmeal.

However there is my simple recipe for peanut butter sandwich :
a few slices of wholemeal bread;
a banana;
peanut butter;

Bake the bread and spread the butter on it. Add a few slices banana on top.

Bon appetit! 

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