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Lemon Tiramisu with Figs

If you have read some of my recipes, you already know that I prefer the simple and fast cooking way.
Mostly with the ingredients you have in the kitchen.

During my way back to home from my sea vacation this year, I saw a woman selling nice and big figs.
Immediate we've stopped the car and I bought a huge amount of them.
Unfortunately once we get home, I got sick and with temperature and food poisoning from some mussels I've ate the day before.
So far so goo, but what about the fresh figs that I had in home...well this just was not my day (week or two), because I had cut them to pieces and froze them, at least until I get better.

Later the next week when I have finished with the antibiotics, I decided to prepare something that don't need much of my help, if I can say it this way :)
So I stopped my thoughts to the Lemon Tiramisu, the recipe for I saw on the TV during my Sick week...


  • 2/3 cup Limoncello;
  • 2/3 cup coconut milk;
  • About 10 pieces biscotti;
  • 0.85 lb mascarpone;
  • 0.25 lb sour cream;
  • 0.45 lb curd;
  • 0.02 lb vanilla sugar;
  • Powder sugar;
  • Handfull figs;
  • 1/3 cup chopped walnuts;

Into a small tray (about 20cm) arrange the biscotti and pour them with the limoccelo and the coconut milk.

Into a separate bowl mix the curd,  mascarpone, sour cream and the vanilla sugar. Stir until homogeneous and add the powder sugar (as much as you need and feel as sweet enough for your taste).

This mixture pour onto the biscotti and onto it  arrange the fig pieces and the chopped walnuts.

Put into the fridge for a few hours to cool.

Bon apetit!

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